Weekly Rite

A Rite of Femininity.
(Weekly Rite – Edited from 20 Minutes Uninterrupted – So. Pro. 10-60)
(Music: Looking Back by Kerry Muzzey)

On Mother’s Day:

To be a father’s daughter,
Has been to sort through chaos,
To Riot into being
Such a complicated thing.
It’s an often-thought-of comfort,
A trace of clarity,
To see that there is someone
So Similar to me.

You are kind and you are patient,
Maternal, and not smothering.
I am my father’s daughter,
And you, you are my mother.

The things I’ve gained from you
May speak more softly than the other,
But everything I’ve come to be
Is because you were my mother.


Weekly Rite

The phrase “Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir” is important and my general feeling that it would be better said “Mieux vaut guérir que prévenir.”

(Weekly Rite – Edited from 20 minutes Uninterrupted – Gutterson Studio – 2016)
(Music – Down in the Valley by The Head and The Heart EDITED)